• Entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey on The Nova Tribune

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • He is not just a prolific entrepreneur; Donald Kerry Frey also possesses a passion for information that is greater than most others feel. that is probably why he is destined fro success in the information business. It is likely Donald’s strong background as a tech entrepreneur has given him the knowledge and the resources to make a success of his general news site, which he has dubbed The Nova Tribune. The site, located at novatribune.org, intends to inform people without the inherent bias present at most other news sites.

    That is the primary reason why Donald Kerry Frey created the news site The Nova Tribune. He wanted it to be an alternative for people who want to read about all sides of the news. Nova Tribune seeks to present the news in a way that approaches all issues with an even hand. It often looks as if every other news site approaches the news from one side of the aisle or the other, so Donald’s entrepreneurial side led him to present the news from all perspectives, not just one or the other. The Nova Tribune informs its readers through articles reflecting a great many fields and interests and from many points of view.

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